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Introducing TutorialStudio

The ability of users to operate your core banking solution is vital to ensure customer service; end user training is key in enabling this to happen. Furthermore, improved skills and familiarity with your own setup of the Temenos core banking platform is essential to driving adoption rates, giving workers the tools they need to work more efficiently.

TutorialStudio is a powerful system for the creation of e-Learning that can be tailored to the specific training needs of your bank. The in-depth content will help your employees quickly acquire the skills needed to use and manage the Temenos core banking system.

E-Learning is created for your needs specifically. Using the testing tools from the TestIntelligence Suite, learning content can be generated (and re-generated) directly from test artefacts. The content is based on actual system content, but is run in a simulated environment, hence mitigating any possible impact on live system operation.

Accurate learning content

Featuring content and screens from any Temenos core banking environment, the staff being trained quickly grasp how your core banking platform works, and how it applies to their jobs. With the option to regularly update your learning content from your UAT environment or elsewhere, your team can begin the learning process before new updates and features are deployed to your production environment, helping to ensure maximum productivity from day one.

Relevant for all staff

TutorialStudio can be used to provide learning content for your customer-facing, back-office development and operations teams; helping them to master management and administrative tasks and well as customer-services focused activities.

Support for a range of T24™ Model Bank processes

TutorialStudio can be supplied with many Temenos Model Bank processes to help employees get to grips with various key functions including:

  • Basic Navigation/ Account Opening / Account Admin / Account Payments / Account Sweeping
  • Customer / Teller /Cheque Collection / Limits and Collateral /Funds Transfer
  • Loans and Deposits / Money Markets / CRM
  • Arrangement Architecture
  • Trade Finance
  • Islamic Banking

These processes can then be tailored to match the services provided by your bank. And because tutorial Studio uses an e-Simulation environment, it operates at a fraction of the cost.

Track end-user progress

End user progress can be monitored for every employee enrolled on your Learning Management System, allowing managers to accurately assess their level of knowledge, experience and readiness to work on the live system. Built-in reporting allows you to verify the true level of Teens adoption throughout the business, and individual performance against KPIs.

Any time, any place learning

The flexible nature of the TutorialStudio learning materials allows employees to access them whenever and wherever is most convenient for them. Support for a range of devices, including tablets, lowers the barriers to entry and greatly increases the probability of training being completed.

TestIntelligence Suite

TutorialStudio neatly integrates with the rest of the TestIntelligence Suite to further streamline your Temenos management and training processes. By providing full training for employees, you can boost adoption of your core banking platform and increase the returns on your Temenos investment.

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