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With the rapidly evolving portfolio of Temenos Digital Banking Suites, clients need to be ready to deal with the increasing number of software updates released by Temenos each year. This is against the background of accelerating client expectations, which cause a bank’s IT teams to face growing demand from the business to deliver feature updates and software patches more frequently without affecting core platform stability.

Temenos leads the field in ensuring that banks have access to the required banking functionality through constant reinvestment and its highly configurable solution architecture. Testing all software updates early in the lifecycle and prior to release is vital to maintaining the balance between new features and existing stability. But where do you find the time and resources to test the growing number of updates every year and to still keep the lights on?

Introducing TestStudio

TestStudio is more than a generic software testing tool. Rather, it has been specifically designed for use with the Temenos core banking platform. This integration is so tight that you can choose to share your automated Test Pack with Temenos who can then execute your bank’s specific test scenarios in-house on your behalf.
TestStudio streamlines the Temenos testing lifecycle, allowing you to execute a more complete suite of tests, to test faster and to reduce failure rates more economically.

Business process orientated

TestStudio is designed to support the ‘end-to-end’ testing of your core banking solution. It can automate multi-day (multiple Close of Business) scenarios for any Temenos release using both the web UI or the older Desktop UI. It can also handle the simulation of ‘end-to-end’ transactions involving 3rd party systems which are interfaced to the Temenos core banking system. TestManager integrates with any Temenos Model Bank or CSB right out of the box.

Securing the knowledge and experience of your team

Starting with your first test script, TestManager allows you to encapsulate the knowledge and experience of your team in a highly portable and reusable on-demand process. By retaining and leveraging this information, your TestManager scripts are future-proofed.

Fully automated

Drag and drop scripting using dynamic data means that you can repeat the same tests, verbatim, over and over again, replicating the same conditions and variables to ensure consistency. Identical tests can be executed for Unit Testing, Smoke Testing, Sanity Testing, System Integration Testing and User Acceptance Testing, ensuring Temenos patches and updates are safe and ready for deployment to live systems.

Non-invasive testing

As part of the script building process, TestManager captures each action and the data involved. Dynamic Values are then created automatically for each script execution, greatly reducing the administrative overheads of carrying out a test, and protecting your live and development data sets, and maintaining compliance throughout.

Automated documentation creation

Every script created using TestManager is fully readable by both humans and machines for auditing code changes and release management, and proving compliance status. Every test cycle is also fully documented and supported by in-depth reports allowing your team to identify and remedy issues quickly – or to export your regression test pack direct to Temenos for further investigation.

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