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The change, test and release cycle is familiar to most in the banking and finance technology domain. The pace and rate of change has increased significantly in the last decade driven by changing customer expectations and by challenges from agile FinTech startups. This seems set to continue unabated. This increased level of change has brought about a revolution in how applications are being tested. Yet at every stage, the CTO must guarantee regulatory compliance and uninterrupted service of existing operations.

Depending on the context of your Temenos solution, there could be anything from a few hundred, to several thousand updates being released to your core banking system every year. This requires considerable management focus and the application of many skilled human resources.

Testing every update to your Temenos solution is vital when implementing the system, or when maintaining the balance between new features and existing stability. But where do you find the time and resources to test an ever-increasing volume of changes in every cycle and still keep the lights on?

Introducing TestConductor

TestConductor is not simply another generic software testing tool, rather it has been designed specifically for use with your Temenos core banking platform. TestConductor streamlines the Temenos testing lifecycle, allowing you to execute a complete suite of tests more quickly, reducing failure rates and minimising costs in the process.

Test Management, Planning & Tracking

TestConductor is designed to manage the testing of your core banking solution by providing the capability quickly to set up test user profiles with various roles, to build test objectives in a structured repository, to define test cycles and set up test plans. This can all be done in a pre-planned manner, or by using a more agile, incremental and iterative approach. With either approach, you will still enjoy the benefits of being able to drive manual testing in a consistent and accelerated manner via the associated TestAssistant module of the Test Intelligence Suite.

TestConductor provides a platform on which to define your testing plan and control the allocation of test cases to individual testers. This is further complimented by integrated progress tracking, to assess the burn-down to completion of every test cycle. It shows:

  • What to test (selecting the test assets to be executed)
  • When to test (what will be tested on which days)
  • Which test resources (test system and test user resources) will participate in each test cycle
  • Which test resource should do what (precisely) and when (scheduling test cycles)
  • Generation of a Test execution plan based priority schemes

TestConductor integrates with any Temenos Model bank, ISB (Initial System Build) or CSB (Customer Specific Build), straight out of the box.

Comprehensive test reports

TestConductor creates a comprehensive report for every test execution in a test cycle.

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