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The change, test and release cycle is familiar to most in the banking and finance technology domain. The pace and rate of change has increased significantly in the last decade driven by changing customer expectations and by challenges from agile FinTech startups. This seems set to continue unabated. This increased level of change has brought about a revolution in how applications are being tested. Yet at every stage, the CTO must guarantee regulatory compliance and uninterrupted service of existing operations.
Depending on the context of your Temenos solution, there could be anything from a few hundred to several thousand updates being released to your core banking system every year. This requires considerable management focus and the application of many skilled human resources.Testing every update to your Temenos solution is vital when implementing the system, or when maintaining the balance between new features and existing stability. But where do you find the time and resources to test an ever-increasing volume of changes in every cycle and still keep the lights on?

Introducing Test Assistant

TestAssistant is a core component of the Test Intelligence Suite, designed specifically for testing updates against your Temenos core banking platform. TestAssistant radically simplifies the process of building test scripts, allowing you to perform complete platform tests more quickly, reduce failure rates, and reduce costs in the process.

By running more tests more quickly, your business can stay on top of Temenos updates even during an implementation, for BAU changes, and during an upgrade cycle.

Capture knowledge and experience

Building your first test case with TestAssistant allows the capture and codification of the knowledge and experience of your Temenos Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in a simple and straightforward process. By retaining and leveraging that information, your test Assistant scripts are future-proofed, preventing loss of valuable insights that keep your Temenos platform running.

Once a test user has a test case allocated to them, they need to launch the Temenos user interface directly from TestAssistant. Once in the Temenos system, the test user simply needs to access the sequence of screens required to complete the task defined in the test case. TestAssistant will then record every interaction of the test user with the system and will convert that recording automatically to a set of test steps needed to complete that test case on an automated basis.

Fully automated test case creation

A key feature of TestAssistant is that the automated test case specification and execution results  To the test user, the resulting set of test results are human readable and fully detailed. TestAssistant understands the Temenos user interface protocol, and hence can render a test specification in incredible and consistent detail, both for direct human access or for efficient machine execution.

Scope of use

Any test user can use TestAssistant to generate test case specifications for any scenario, including Unit Testing, Smoke Testing, System Integration Testing and User Acceptance Testing, ensuring Temenos patches and updates are properly assessed for compliance with your live Temenos system.

Two unique features of using Test Assistant are for development test and investigation.

For development testing, once a change has been implemented for your Temenos environment, the business user or developer can record a sample test case directly in TestAssistant as a seed test specification for the change they just completed. This means that changes submitted for inclusion in the first formal test environment can be shipped with a seed test specification, that equally serves to provide evidence the change was operational in the development environment.

For investigations, where an issue has been identified often a Temenos core banking business user will spend potentially considerable time and effort to investigate the issue and record all screen shots and details of how to reproduce the issue. This is essential for support teams to be able to resolve the issue in an expedited manner. In this situation, using Test Assistant to record a pseudo set of test cases representing the reproduction steps offers a significant time reduction and precision improvement – the resulting execution report and generated specification include all the necessary screen shots, actions and outcomes, and can be packaged and sent directly to the support teams.

Quick start operations

TestAssistant can be used immediately after installation – there’s no need for complex client configuration or data exports. Which means you can start building test cases for testing the next set of updates to your Temenos environment immediately, greatly reducing the time to value. Test cases can be recorded and re-recorded, and even specific steps excluded in the test case editor to remove unnecessary or unwanted steps. At any stage, Test Assistant can generate a highly detailed human readable test specification from the encoded machine format retained in the TestIntelligence Suite repository.

TestAssistant is perfectly complemented by TestConductor, our tool that accepts your scripts for automated test execution and reporting, further streamlining your testing processes.

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