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Introducing Process Manager

Designed for Temenos core banking, Process Manager provides your testing and operations teams with the information they need to monitor processes across all environments, including your production environment.


Knowing the status of your core banking system is critical to banking processes. Your operations team needs to be fully informed of the status at all times. Without timely access to system event information, proactive maintenance can end up relying on “best efforts” activities, rather than truly focused timely interventions.

Increased efficiency and lower costs

Increased insight into the performance and general health of your Temenos solution dramatically reduces the time required to intervene when issues arise with your live environment. Intervention processes can be encoded as repeatable, controlled activities with a secure access model requiring no direct operator access on the production environment. Heuristic tracking, for example comparing like-for-like business day execution times of specific COB jobs, provides the potential for pre-incident actions to be undertaken by your operations team. These features provide a significant boost to your team’s productivity and efficiency, helping to keep incidents under control and ultimately reducing operational costs.

Always informed

Process Manager allows you to proactively monitor and measure the Close of Business (COB) for your Temenos solution. Monitoring is complemented by alerting to ensure key events are addressed immediately, minimising operational risk.

The inclusion of simple-to-interpret process analytics for COB jobs also allows your team to assess the benefits and impact of each enhancement made in tuning the COB. The configurable tolerances built-in to Process Manager for each fine-grained job-level heuristic provides a clear indication of COB job performance over time.

Secure and compliant

ProcessManager runs in a non-invasive manner, ensuring that your core banking operations are never placed at risk. The Project Manager web services are secured with X509 cryptography to protect communication between systems and prevent sensitive data from being exposed.

Operators are never required to know or use the Temenos access credentials. Access to ProcessManager as a user grants them the privileges assigned to their user role, which effectively masks the Temenos access credentials from the operator. This results in a strong segregation of duties.

ProcessManager also maintains a detailed log of every activity, providing an audit trail for process review and compliance.

Future-proof processes

ProcessManager ships with a range of features that are ready to use immediately. The system is also configurable and extensible, allowing your team to build customised frameworks that suit your needs round COB monitoring, COB remediation, process automation, reporting and more.

Release Intelligence Suite

ProcessManager neatly integrates with the rest of the Release Intelligence suite to further streamline your Temenos management processes. ProcessManager can reuse the same change management logic across the product group, simplifying administration and monitoring of your core banking platform and increasing the returns on Temenos investment.

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