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Effectively testing the Temenos core banking solution involves much more than simply verifying each business function; performance testing covering proposed updates and other changes is equally important

Performance Studio offers out-of-the-box integration with all supported Temenos core banking platform releases, allowing for a full assessment of the performance capabilities of your core banking application and its surrounding technology ecosystem.

A complete range of testing scenarios

To ensure that every aspect of your Temenos deployment operates correctly under load, Performance Studio offers a complete range of testing scenarios including:

  • Performance testing
  • Load testing
  • Stress testing
  • Scalability testing
  • “Play bank” testing (replicate a typical day)
  • Performance regression testing

Performance Studio allows you to benchmark performance and identify potential problems early.

Realistic scenarios

PerformanceStudio allows your team to schedule, monitor and execute mass transactions automatically. You define the relevant test scenarios, and PerformanceStudio takes care of the rest. The supplied tools even allow your engineers to alter the target rate of certain transactions for greater understanding of load and performance.

With the ability to “Play bank”, your engineers can monitor:

  • The state and behaviour of virtual users.
  • Transaction execution progress and speed.
  • Server side metrics, including CPU thresholds and IO operations.

Reducing the cost of testing

By bringing load testing operations into the approvals cycle, PerformanceStudio identifies potential problems and regression incompatibilities long before they can be promoted to your live environment. This in turn shortens the acceptance testing phase, allowing your team to test more updates more quickly.

An integral part of the TestIntelligence suite

PerformanceStudio neatly integrates with the rest of the TestIntelligence suite to further streamline your Temenos testing processes. PerformanceStudio can reuse the same business cases and test logic created using the TestStudio tool, increasing the quality and reliability of every automated test cycle.

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