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The banking and finance market is facing multiple drivers of change resulting from the digital economy, with new customer expectations and behaviours, and challenger organisations beginning to appear on the commercial landscape, The regulatory environment can also be challenging, with more change happening more rapidly and with regulators taking a more detailed view of banking operations. And at every stage the CIO/CTO teams must look to assure regulatory compliance and uninterrupted service of existing operations.

Against this background, technology teams in banks are tasked with delivering feature updates and software patches without affecting core platform stability. This must be done to the multiple Temenos environments typically present in a core banking solution deployment, with each Temenos core banking environment often consists of multiple servers.


Introducing Environment Manager

With multiple Temenos environments in place – such as development, test, OAT, UAT, pre-production, production – keeping track of them all and understanding what updates and packages are deployed where is an administrative burden which taxes your team’s time and reduces their productivity.

Centralised inventory

EnvironmentManager is a companion feature-set to ChangeManager (and ProcessManager) that provides a central knowledge repository for identifying key information about every Temenos core banking environment. In it, you can store details of where each Temenos environment is located, how to access it, and the basics of the environment setup (multi-server, etc) – allowing you to quickly identify discrepancies, and correct them where required.

Using Environment Manager, for each Temenos environment you can capture details of:

  • Server topology.
  • Baseline properties about each server (e.g. OS).
  • Infrastructure systems – web server, application server, database server etc.
  • Access control details, including user IDs for administrative tasks.
  • Connection configuration information for each environment.

EnvironmentManager acts as the definitive repository for your Temenos infrastructure, replacing other ad hoc mechanisms for capturing this vital information. And because it is built directly into the rest of the ReleaseIntelligence Suite, information stored in EnvironmentManager is available to the other tools in the family, further simplifying your Temenos application management and update processes.

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