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Ensuring consistency across multiple Temenos environments, from development through to UAT, and pre-production to production, is crucial to conducting accurate acceptance tests. But with anything from hundreds to several thousand updates and packages being deployed to your environments every year, it can become incredibly difficult to keep them all synchronised.

If your environment relies on manual configuration and deployments, achieving the timely and consistent synchronisation of environments can become operationally challenging. This means that acceptance tests passed in the UAT or even pre-production environment may not be fully compatible with your live core banking platform.

Introducing ComparisonTool

ComparisonTool, was specifically designed to simplify the process of validating the consistency of your various testing and live environments. Incorporating the best practice of maintaining a reference environment, or simply used to compare two selected environments, ComparisonTool can quickly determine the code or parameter file differences between environments, accelerate issue root cause analysis, whilst providing an essential increase in productivity to your teams.

Common applications include:

  • Reviewing the impact of a BCON or Temenos Update deployment to your environments, by identifying any differences between the new build and your reference (master) build or stored baseline.
  • Reviewing your Customer Specific Build (CSB) or Initial System Build (ISB) against a reference Model Bank, to identify differences between both.
  • Reviewing your current Temenos environment pre and post an upgrade, to identify differences and assist targeted impact analysis.

Automated change detection

ComparisonTool can be employed to visualise and assess changes between Temenos environments, so you can arrange for necessary configuration updates. More importantly still, ComparisonTool can help to analyse the code and parameter file differences between environments, helping to maintain compliance and reduce the analysis of regression failures.

By auditing production servers, your team will be able to build a comprehensive upgrade plan that addresses not only the Temenos updates themselves, but also any supporting tasks that need to be completed.

Increased Temenos core banking efficiency

By applying the capability to compare environments, your team will be able to manage your Temenos environments more quickly and easily than before. When combined with ChangeManager, you will also find keeping multiple testing environments synchronised simpler and less time consuming, even when emergency or urgent updates are undertaken outside the automation processes. All this gives your bank a much better chance of keeping your environments on track throughout the change, test and release lifecycle.

Configurable, flexible comparison

As well as comparing “live” Temenos environments, ComparisonTool offers the ability to scan snapshots to identify changes against a reference baseline image. From single file comparison to binary comparison for TAFJ and TAFC, comparison Tool can analyse your environments and rapidly provide insight into any Temenos internal setup differences.

ComparisonTool analysis is fully configurable, allowing you to define filters and ignore lists that control the scope of each comparison.

ReleaseIntelligence suite

ComparisonTool neatly integrates with the rest of the Release Intelligence suite to further streamline your Temenos management processes. By simplifying administration and monitoring of your core banking platform, the suite increases the return on investment in your Temenos core banking solution.

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