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The change, test and release cycle is familiar to most in the banking and finance technology domain. The pace and rate of change has increased significantly in the last decade driven by changing customer expectations and by challenges from agile FinTech startups. This seems set to continue unabated. This increased level of change has brought about a new focus on how applications are deployed.

There has been particular focus on the automated provisioning of the infrastructure on which applications are run. Provisioning virtual machines, databases, application servers and the like has become common practice in many organisations that have adopted the principles of DevOps. However, whilst infrastructure release automation is an important foundation on which to build your DevOps, a much higher value can be achieved by embracing Application Release Automation.

Extensive testing is just the first step when preparing to roll out a Temenos core banking solution, BAU update or upgrade. The complexity of the modern core banking application environment means that there are hundreds of tasks that need to be completed to assure project success.

Depending on the context of your Temenos solution, there could be from a few hundred to several thousands of updates being released to your core banking system every year. This requires skilled and significant human and capital resources devoted to it, to ensure your core banking project or production operations are protected. As a result, many institutions can see longer than desired lead times to see changes realised on their projects or production environment.

Operationally, this can leave your systems unpatched, unprotected and lacking the functionality required to meet the demands of your users and customers. The key is to implement tools that allow you to streamline and automate the change management process to reduce the amount of manual intervention required: Application Release Automation.

Introducing ChangeManager

ChangeManager solves these issues by controlling deployment of approved Temenos updates and localised packages from any source. With the focus on automation at the application layer, ChangeManager can assist with roll-out across testing, development and live environments whilst building a fully audited record of every activity conducted by your release team and every package deployed to your environments.

By minimising the operational effort required to deploy Temenos updates and localised packages, ChangeManager significantly reduces the associated time and cost required. Application Release Automation also eliminates potentially costly human error that often affects the repetitive manual deployment operations required to deploy to the multiple Temenos environments present in a typical implementation

Built-in risk reduction

ChangeManager provides lower operational risk and improved integrity of code change through workflow, action and content-based checking. Native management of the risk of change through workflow, action and content-based pre-deployment checks further reduces risk of failure or error in your core banking system.

ChangeManager also uses a non-invasive installer to protect your environment. No installation of custom software (custom routines or applications) within your T24™ server is required.

Fully flexible, repeatable deployment options

Whether you run Temenos core banking in-house, or off-shore, ChangeManager offers powerful capabilities. We also offer full support for multiple approaches including in-house development, client competency centres and full out-sourced development.

ChangeManager encodes every deployment, allowing you to repeat every activity across environments with minimal effort.

Built for compliance

Built-in secure communications protocols and a full audit trail of all actions, activities and deployments maintain regulatory compliance at all times. Segregation of duties limit data exposure by strictly separating access between dev/test and production environments. Every activity throughout the ChangeManager process is recorded permanently, to create a complete record for audit purposes.

Built for consistency

The ability to repeat every change management activity ensures that test, development and live environments are fully synchronised at all times. ChangeManager also supports industry standard change and release concepts to fit your administrative processes, including RUP and ITIL.

By delivering assured changes to your live system more quickly and with less effort, ChangeManager is a crucial tool in your efforts to increase time to value of every change you make to the core banking system. To learn more, and to arrange a demo of ChangeManager and the rest of the Release Intelligence Suite, please get in touch.

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