Atoma has harnessed the power of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to create a suite of market-leading tools which revolutionise the change, test and release lifecycle of your Temenos core banking solution, dramatically cutting the time, effort, cost and risk of going live.

However, in the world of automation, a human hand can be a welcome touch. That’s why we’ve assembled a team of go-live experts to work directly with our clients, helping them to overcome the typical challenges they face in going live. We’ll come to your offices and get you up and running, then ensure you have the tools and knowledge to fly solo with confidence.

A powerful platform for managing, executing, automating and tracking the testing of your Temenos banking solution – manually or automated, for functional, performance and regression with full audit and reporting.

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  • Plan, design and track your Temenos testing, supported by a fully integrated test case repository. Structure your test repository using your organisation’s business capability map or leverage an industry standard model like BIAN.
  • A dedicated tool from which to execute and track your Temenos testing using exploratory, agile or traditional cycle based approaches. Enjoy the benefits of precise robotic test script generation
  • Fully automate your Temenos testing with detailed execution logs thanks to our deep integration with the Temenos application. Build and control regression baselines and re-learn environments to manage all changes throughout implementation, upgrade and BAU.
  • Reuse your functional test scripts from TestStudio to create real-world performance tests for your Temenos environment, using tested business processes to generate stress and load simulation.
  • Automate the creation of your user training by building simulations of your Temenos solution, directly from your test execution results. Make those simulations available on your own training systems (LMS), or from our Cloud.

A powerful platform for managing change, deploying releases, monitoring environments and incident intervention – manually or automated, with full audit, security and reporting.

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  • Version and audit controlled deployment and release management across multiple Temenos (and non-Temenos) package types, with configurable automation capabilities for single, multi and clustered Temenos environments.
  • Operations monitoring for your Temenos core banking solution including the Temenos Close-of-Business (COB), with event based notification and configurable incident automation capabilities for single, multi and clustered Temenos environments.
  • A safe and secure home for identifying and accessing all of your Temenos environments including development, test, UAT, pre-production, disaster recovery and production.
  • Rapidly and reliably compare any of your Temenos environments, based on code and Temenos parameter file comparisons, to identify the root cause of any issue identified during testing.

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