Atoma has designed its automation suites around key tasks in the change, test, audit and release lifecycle

They are easy to configure, simple to use and can deliver dramatic gains in productivity, reducing the time and effort required to plan, test and release changes and updates to the Temenos core banking platform. Thanks to our robotic process automation technologies, most of the time-consuming manual test processes have been eliminated.

Both our TestIntelligence and ReleaseIntelligence suites come bundled with a set of advanced automation features to tackle specific processes which can be switched on at any time.


a single, simple-to-use application

TestIntelligence Suite brings the tasks of managing, executing, automating and tracking your testing under a single, simple-to-use application. It handles all types of testing including functional, performance and regression with full audit and reporting functionality.

Orchestrated testing streamlines the Temenos testing lifecycle, allowing you to execute a complete suite of tests more quickly, reducing failure rates and minimising costs in the process.

You can quickly set up test user profiles with various roles, build test objectives in a structured repository, define test cycles and set up test plans.


A workbench with detailed execution logs for test automation engineers to rapidly automate your Temenos testing.  Build and manage your automated testing criteria to assess and monitor throughout implementation, upgrade and BAU.

Assisted testing is a core feature of the TestIntelligence Suite, designed specifically for accelerating the testing of updates and upgrades to the Temenos Core Banking platform.

Recorded test executions are highly detailed and automatically converted to a set of generated test specifications, in a unique human and machine-readable format.

Automate the creation of your end user training by building self-contained simulations and assessments for your Temenos solution, directly from your test execution results. Make those simulations available on your own training systems (Learning Management System, like Moodle), or from our Cloud service.


a powerful platform for going live

ReleaseIntelligence Suite is a powerful platform for managing change, deploying releases, monitoring environments and incident intervention – manually or automated, with full audit, security and reporting.

The change and release management feature offers audit-controlled deployment across numerous Temenos suites. It can be configured for single, multi and clustered Temenos environments.

Reaching the end of your lifecycle, monitor your Temenos core banking solution including the Temenos Close-of-Business (COB).  Leverage in test environments to enable COB automation for multi-business day testing in faster timeframes.

Managed tracking provides a safe and secure home for identifying and accessing all Temenos environments including development, testing, UAT, pre-production, disaster recovery and production.