Transact Upgrades

TARIS⁺ supports automated testing for Banks undertaking regular Transact upgrades. With TARIS⁺, clients can test the upgrades without changing their existing test packs to find new or additional functionality, for which test coverage needs to be extended. By choosing TARIS⁺, clients can benefit by expending only 10-20% of the original test pack creation effort to cover the new functional testing requirements of the upgrade.

Relearn & Rebuild

The Relearn function of TARIS⁺ validates the new upgrade build by aligning to the existing test artefact pack/lab. Upon validation, the summary of changes to the automation pack is shown for the user to choose whether to upgrade or delete.

Once the user chooses to upgrade or delete, they can use the TARIS⁺ Rebuild functionality to get all the changes reflected into the selected test pack/lab resulting in marginal effort for conversion for testing the upgrade.  Additional/new functions for the upgrade program need to be added to the test pack before testing starts.

Effectively, the Relearn & Rebuild function helps the bank to minimise the manual effort (and therefore cost) involved in updating the test pack for the upgrade.

Instant Compare for Defects

A synergistic combination of static analysis between builds, upgraded test packs and a quick automation test, can achieve a combined defect removal efficiency of 99%. Banks can use the test Compare function to analyze the results and defects between test executions.

This function helps in the earlier identification of vulnerabilities and reduces business risk due to outages.  Remediation costs are reduced and defect expansion is minimised by preventing defects from cascading into the subsequent testing phases.

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