Transact Release Management

TARIS⁺ can handle both the Temenos applications and other 3rd party application releases and changes to be incorporated into a single release.  Changes can be sequenced to define deployment order, automatic dependency checking, and other workflow-based approval/rejection checks, ensuring consistency in the releases. The flexibility of release definitions covers all real-life scenarios, taking individual changes from daily drops to weekly, monthly, or quarterly releases.  TARIS⁺ provides everything you need to ensure that only effective, tested, and approved changes are deployed into test environments, in the right sequence, and in a fully auditable manner.

Change & Compare

TARIS⁺ enables the efficient comparison of either two testing environments or the content of a current environment with a previously made snapshot.  Differences down to value level are detected and reported simply without any technical assistance using an easy-to-use graphical user interface.  The feature can be used both for analysis and validation.

Our application can not only compare changes but also has added features for quality checks, audit competencies, added security and all the necessary elements for 100% automated deployment.

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