Performance Testing

TARIS⁺ assists clients in deploying high-performing applications, using an integrated set of enterprise-grade performance engineering solutions and dashboards. Our Performance Studio is designed to engineer software response quality early and into the end-user experience.

Load Test

The TARIS⁺ Performance Studio application is robust in configuration and simulates the correct loads to the system under test. Our load test caters for random, sequential and time scale modes which determine the software application behaviour when being accessed by multiple users simultaneously. Our performance test results help to reduce bottlenecks and to ensure the stability and smooth functioning of the application before BAU. We have online and offline performance execution monitoring boards for ease of use. Clients can compare executions with the dashboards and filters are available to narrow down minute performance degradations.

Our performance tool can be used on demand since the content of the execution Lab(s) cascades from our own test automation tool. Specific packages for testing can also be created as needed by the Bank.

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