Multiple Application
Test Automation

Transact, TAP, FCM, Infinity (OLB/MB) & Channels – Automation

TARIS⁺ can integrate, co-exist and test the Temenos ecosystem (Transact, Infinity [OLB & MB], TAP, FCM) with multiple satellite systems and CoB.  It supports multi UI test automation with end-to-end scenario construction, seamlessly, across functional lines.  TARIS⁺ is designed to support and integrate with APIs (Experience, Rest), Socket, SOAP and IF events. TARIS⁺ is robust and smart in suggesting scenarios for missing functionality; creating them automatically then executing, comparing, and providing diligent reports with analytics.


Modular Reusability & Flexibility

TARIS⁺ meticulously tags to the STLC practice, whereby Banks can create and maintain manual and automated testing projects with Test Phases, Test Labs, and Test Cycles. Created Projects, Labs and Cycles can be automatically cloned to form new test collections.

TARIS⁺ is ingrained with self-healing scripts for application upgrades, synergized parallel processing, and expected value checks for both positive and negative testing.

Reusable Assets

TARIS⁺ is bundled with a cohesive collection of reusable artefacts to provide a consistent, predictable experience during automation test pack creation. We have an assortment of reusable assets, such as:

  • Datapool (synthetic/migrated data with data masking)
  • Packages for repeatable functional modules
  • Intelligent Helpers to design tests faster
  • Test Labs with multi-environment execution

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