Islamic Banking

Atoma’s automated test solution offers an integrated and comprehensive approach for Banks to present Shariah-compliant products to customers.  TARIS⁺ can support the testing of strong product definition features, support for Islamic accounting and complete traceability for audit. Our product is completely self-contained and fully conversant in Islamic functional & non-functional testing operations.  Automated testing of Transact Islamic Banking requires key knowledge of the terminologies and practices within, and Atoma has built TARIS⁺ with diligence and experience in comprehensive testing of Islamic Banking solutions.

Atoma has extensively tested Temenos Islamic Banking modules and can support new Islamic implementations, upgrades and BAU clients.

TARIS⁺ supports a comprehensive list of products from the Temenos Islamic Accounts, Islamic Deposits, and Islamic Finance (Retail, Treasury, Corporate, Sukuk) Islamic Banking modules.

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