Overview of TARIS⁺

TARIS⁺ the Atoma test and release tool, makes light work of the complex and time-consuming task of planning and implementing test plans and releasing the changes into your core banking system. To get the best from the Temenos core banking platform, it is essential to run the latest version, but each upgrade should be thoroughly tested before release. With TARIS⁺ the process is greatly simplified through the use of automation technologies.

Pre-populated test plans and test specification templates, powerful analytics and automated test capturing help reduce the effort and expertise needed to keep on top of the change, test and release cycle. TARIS⁺ covers all aspects of testing from ISB and SIT through to complex UAT and is supported by a comprehensive online dashboard which gives a single view of all activity.

less effort than manual testing
faster regression execution
less effort in test script maintenance
less effort to deploy changes and tests
TARIS⁺ Deployment

TARIS⁺ is built on the latest stack and can be delivered in docker images.

On Premises

TARIS⁺ can be deployed on a VM provided by the Bank which meets the prerequisites shared by Atoma. The TARIS⁺ installation can be completed and delivered to a Bank within 24 hours. TARIS⁺ can connect to a Bank’s test environments deployed on a VM or in the cloud.


TARIS⁺ can be deployed in the Cloud, provided by a Bank, which meets prerequisites shared by Atoma. The TARIS⁺ installation can be completed and delivered for a Bank to use within 24 hours.


TARIS⁺ is available as a SaaS model. A Bank can subscribe to TARIS⁺ based on need and usage and can easily extend or upgrade to other plans as required.

Test Maintenance

Creating and maintaining a complex test pack is a big investment. TARIS⁺ ensures that this investment will be minimal (80% less compared to a conventional approach), maintenance efforts significantly lower (max. 15% of implementation effort per annum) and the created test assets can be used from early ISB testing to later upgrade and BAU.

Very little preparation effort is needed to perform an automated test on any Transact release or database content. An automated testing service is available on demand, allowing you to test at any time. All this ensures a very low total cost of ownership (TCO) for the automated testing service.

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