Overview of TARIS

TARIS the Atoma test and release tool, makes light work of the complex and time-consuming task of planning and implementing test plans and releasing the changes into your core banking system. To get the best from the Temenos core banking platform, it is essential to run the latest version, but each upgrade should be thoroughly tested before release. With TARIS the process is greatly simplified through the use of automation technologies. Pre-populated test plans and test specification templates, powerful analytics and automated test capturing help reduce the effort and expertise needed to keep on top of the change, test and release cycle. TARIS covers all aspects of testing from ISB and SIT through to complex UAT and is supported by a comprehensive on-line dashboard which gives a single view of all activity.

less effort than manual testing
faster regression execution
less effort in test script maintenance
less effort to deploy changes and tests
Release Management

TARIS can handle not just the Temenos digital suite but other 3rd party application releases and changes to be included in single releases. Changes can be sequenced to define deployment order, automatic dependency checking, and other workflow-based and approval/rejection checks, ensuring consistency of your releases. Flexibility of release definitions covers all real-life scenarios, taking individual changes from daily drops to weekly, monthly or quarterly releases. TARIS provides everything you need to ensure that only effective, tested and approved changes are deployed in to your environments, in the right sequence, in a fully auditable manner.

Risk Based Testing

This highly valued feature allows the user to test sensitive processes where the risks are high. The risks are measured in advance using analytics drawn from banking system data which is clearly visualised on the dashboard. This allows the user to allocate appropriate resources and to optimise test coverage and execution efforts. With the analytic capabilities you can find areas in your test coverage and defined scope which are under or over represented compared to the associated risk derived from value, frequency, number of changes, bugs reported or other custom values.

Business Case or Test Capturing

Our automated Transact interaction capturing and interpreting feature allows expert knowledge to be transformed into a company asset using just a single execution. This one-time investment can be leveraged in multiple ways, including formal process documentation, manual or automated testing and training. A single business user can specify a large number of business cases by executing them over a test environment just once. Later, this  information can be leveraged in manual execution by less experienced personnel or fed into test automation or eLearning material generation.

eLearning Automation

With any new or upgraded system it’s important your staff are well trained to unlock the full potential of your investment. Automate the creation of your end user training by building self-contained simulations and assessments for your Temenos solution, directly from your business case captures or from your test execution results. Make those simulations available on your own training systems (Learning Management System, like Moodle), or from our Cloud service.

Internet and Mobile Banking

Our product can utilize – alongside our highly efficient Transact specific automation engine – Selenium and Appium for general purpose web and mobile application testing. The banking domain specific framework, advanced test automation functions and unified reporting enables the usage of our single automation product for comprehensive bank testing.

Full Audit, Searchability

All actions are logged (user initiated or scheduled), the environment history maintained (even rollback, copy or refresh actions) enabling full search and reporting for any IT or security audit requirements. With the help of TARIS you will be able to answer easily questions like:

  • Who approved this change?
  • What was the configuration of our system on this date?
  • Who modified and why this system element?
  • Was this in the system before changes were made?
Availability, Maintenance, TCO

To create and maintain a complex test pack is a huge investment. TARIS ensures that this investment will be minimal (80% less compared to a conventional approach), maintenance efforts significantly lower (max. 15% of implementation effort per annum) and the created test assets can be used from early ISB testing to later upgrade and BAU. Very little preparation effort is needed to start an automated test on any Transact release or database content. An automated testing service is available on demand, allowing you to test any time. All this ensures a very low total cost of ownership (TCO) of the automated testing service.

Delivery Quality Checking

End to end quality checks are built into the system. Analytic capabilities filter changes not matching pre-defined technical requirements and incompatibility with local Transact system setup. Every step in the change management process is rigorously checked against best practice and alerts the user to the probability of failure at the onboarding or latest at deployment stage.

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