ChangeManager in Action

Date: December 17th, 2019 | Author:

Our client, KBC Bank Ireland, are on a mission to shake up the business of banking. By providing innovative, digital first financial products and services designed for how consumers actually live, work and do business, they are challenging the status quo and putting customers at the heart of everything they do.

 In support of this aim, KBC Bank needed to upgrade and automate many of their digital systems, in order to operate effectively and efficiently, and pass on great value to their customers. 

 Part of this journey is to launch the new Temenos T24 R17 core banking software, however as with any technical programme, there were a number of other interdependent projects, which required acceleration and coordination in order to ensure delivery dates were aligned. This included adoption of automated deployment of T24 changes into environments, as well as transitioning to new technical product environments to support the upgraded software.

Atoma’s intuitive ChangeManager product features highly customizable commands and a fully-featured API, helping to manage complex workflows by integrating automation tool-chains, assisting with planning rollouts and upgrades to core banking software. ChangeManager was specifically designed to execute changes, using best practices aimed at both speed and accuracy.

Reflecting on the project, Neale Foulds from KBC Bank said: ‘Automation technology, just like any technical advancement, is a constantly moving process. We’ve looked at a wide range of tools and their uses, in order to identify areas in the process where there is scope for automation, and use that technology to speed up things up wherever we can, to reduce risk and deployment time.’

The ChangeManager tool has since enabled KBC Bank to automate hundreds of pre-defined actions and testing, in order to deploy new releases to their core banking software at just a few clicks of a button. From proofing and publishing, to copying log entries and updating parameter files, this highly technical project required careful collaboration between Atoma’s experts and the KBC Bank team. Following launch, KBC Bank were able to reduce deployment timescales from 10-15 minutes per package, right down to just one minute and 20 seconds.

This incredible reduction in both time and effort has paid dividends for KBC Bank, increasing productivity and profitability. It has improved the effectiveness of change, by helping with planning communication, scheduling, and identifying whether policy and compliance standards are enforced, reviewed, and approved prior to implementation. Process automation and proven process flows can be used to implement changes, reducing risk of error, enhancing security and ensuring consistency and compliance with corporate policies and procedures.

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