About Atoma

Helping banks move faster in the Age of Urgency

End-to-end automation of the change, test, audit and release software lifecycle.

Our mission is to drive down the time and cost involved in testing the Temenos core banking software that powers most of the world’s leading banks.

To fulfil this ambition, Atoma Technologies has developed two powerful automation suites that dramatically reduce the effort required to plan, test, audit and release changes to the Temenos platform.

Not only do our tools improve efficiency and productivity, but they help banks swiftly unlock the full potential of the latest versions of Temenos’ world-leading software.

With the finance sector facing increasing pressure to perform in the new digital economy, there has never been a better time to review the often-cumbersome process of testing software changes. In the world of testing, there is very little margin for error. Every code or configuration change needs to be rigorously scrutinised and verified before release.

Atoma’s software Suites enable end-to-end automation of these critical testing and release processes, enabling banks to go live quickly with confidence.

Atoma is a Temenos Technology Partner and works closely with many of its customers on their testing automation journey.

Our business was formed in 2003 and has since grown to a truly global operation with offices in London, Budapest, Geneva and India with a worldwide sales and support network.