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Experts in the go-live environment of the world’s leading core banking software

We are an official Partner and Complementary Solution Provider of Temenos who are also users of our software.

At the heart of our business lies an outstanding team of domain experts who are highly experienced in Core Banking, Software Development, Testing, Release Management and Quality Assurance.

The development teams at Atoma have perfected two powerful Software Automation Suites which optimise the conditions that assure the safe release of new and updated Temenos software and configuration.

Since 2003, our technology has helped Temenos clients around the world to implement, upgrade and confidently go-live through its ability to test and release many thousands of product updates.

To facilitate this, we continually maintain the compatibility of our software with every Temenos major release, including all supported user interfaces and technology stacks.

In the banking and finance domain, there is very little margin for error. As the scale and rate of change continues to increase, every code change or configuration change needs to be rigorously scrutinised and verified prior to release. This requires intelligent testing and release management of every change, both individually and against all inter-dependent functions, prior to its release.

Atoma’s software Suites enable end-to-end automation of these critical testing and release processes. This dramatically reduces the cost of these time consuming, complex and highly repetitive tasks.

When combined with our proven go-live methodology and advanced e-Learning and e-Simulation tools, Atoma software reduces go-live risk, optimises quality and delivers significant improvements in ROI and operational efficiency.

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Headquartered in the UK, Atoma has operations which currently span clients in Europe, Middle East & Africa, North America, Latin America and Asia.

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