A Message From The Chief Operating Officer

Date: April 14th, 2021 | Author: soboyle@atoma.tech

At Atoma, we see our mission as the ability to provide our clients with the most effective testing tools on the market, capitalizing on our expertise in the domain and on the most evolutive technology available. This translates into two major objectives for our R&D team:

 – First, to aim for the most performant tools perfectly synchronized with TEMENOS new releases and applications, available immediately as these products become available to the users;
 – Second, to give these tools the intelligence necessary for them to address ancillary applications with minimal human intervention while preserving the integrity of the testing process.

The approach guarantees that our clients will always be able to assimilate the evolution of their application vendors with a safe transition from delivery to operational mode with the minimum of unproductive time and roll-out expense, improving ROI.  These past few months, Atoma R&D teams have taken advantage of slow applications implementation activity in the finance industry caused by the pandemic, to devote all their efforts in upgrading the testing tools to a technologically more advanced product called TARIS+.

TARIS+ offers total centralization of data, repositories, and access distribution, allowing for multiple environments in a single testing scenario with an autonomous—JAWS-less—connectivity. It supports all types of banking applications, independent of their technological stacks while allowing layered testing (UI layers as well as OFS layers). It supports Browser-Web and UXP and enables end-to-end project/product Test and Defect Management, features not commonly found in our markets.

TARIS+ gives the end user high level details allowing for Pictorial Dashboards and Risk Cockpit for Stage Gate Reviews. All reports are also fully customizable, available in HTML view and PDF downloads with combinations and filters.  These products can be distributed via the web, with easy installation processes guided by intuitive directions, requiring minimal manual intervention. Easily assimilable by previous versions of our products, our existing customers will be able to upgrade our tools.

Atoma continues to analyze ways by which technological advances can be used to further improve our products. In the same way processes within AI have been adopted to develop quick understanding of functional degradation and induce natural language processing to facilitate the understanding of automated scripts.