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Proprietary testing software for dedicated use with the Temenos Core Banking system

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We are masters of the go-live universe

With nearly two decades of experience in helping clients manage the change, test and release lifecycle of updates to their core banking software, Atoma Technologies helps you on your testing automation journey.

Our software tools are specifically designed to address the rapidly evolving demands of clients seeking to go live on core banking platforms.

Our software strips out costly and time-consuming manual testing and deployment cycles, allowing you to concentrate on your core business. Put simply, we reduce the human effort required to go live, whilst diminishing the risks associated with manual input.

TARIS⁺ the Atoma test and release tool, makes light work of the complex and time-consuming task of planning and implementing test plans and releasing the changes into your core banking system. To get the best from your core banking platform, it is essential to run the latest version, but each upgrade should be thoroughly tested before release. With TARIS⁺ the process is greatly simplified through the use of automation technologies. Pre-populated test plans and test specification templates, powerful analytics and automated test capturing help reduce the effort and expertise needed to keep on top of the change, test and release cycle. TARIS⁺ covers all aspects of testing from ISB and SIT through to complex UAT and is supported by a comprehensive online dashboard which gives a single view of all activity.


Our automation tools minimise the risks associated with processing complex and repetitive manual tasks


Our automation tools can reduce up to 90% of the human effort and achieve this more than 5 times faster


The stress normally associated with going live is reduced in the knowledge that our fully Temenos integrated software is the best on the market


Go-live schedules are drastically reduced which ensures you can always be running the optimal version of the Temenos solution

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